Getting into the groove

With 6 months to go I have got into the routine of training with a couple of hic ups along the way which luckily coincided on same weekend – a head cold and storm Ciara which blew across the UK and saw races cancelled including Wiltshire 10 miler, power cuts reduced my coffee flow, trampolines strewn across the country, trees and fences down and us fixing down the chickens roof. Dogs loved the wind in their ears and Jango decided to swim in the pond – bbbrrrrhhhh !

SBD – Squat|Bench|Deadlift are now integrated with SBR – swim| bike| run.

Weekly routine looks  a little like this:

  • Monday – rest day
  • Tuesday – Powerhour on the Wattbike seeing power increase.
  • Wednesday – swim time, getting wet but not much speed.
  • Thursday – moonlight hill reps accompanied by owl hoots
  • Friday – Strength and Conditioning beginners lifting course
  • Saturday / Sunday – building up the run miles and time in the saddle watching Netflix on the Wattbike plus second S&C session

Lunchtime walks around work keep steps up and a proper screen break.

Training Peaks is mainly green and Fitness Score going in the right direction. Enjoyed a much needed rest week which coincided with a trip to London for work.

Will complete the Wiltshire 10 miler a weekend late, they are sending medals out by post which is a great gesture as couldn’t rearrange due to road works in the area. I’m still on course for a couple of half marathons in March.

Great news I was reading some British Heart Foundation research saying that up to 25 cups of coffee a day is OK.
Coffee also good for Asthma and Exercise – win win !  Read full article  from DeathWish coffee blog.

Right I’m off for a coffee and get moving to  keep myself n track and  in the training groove 🙂




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