The beginning – Squat * Bench * Deadlift

2020 try something new – for me this is a beginners Strength & Conditioning 6 week course at my local gym. This was very much as a result of reading Dr Stacy Sims ROAR – women are not little men, and how strength training with diet help the aging female athlete.

Slightly nervous I turned up week one but soon relaxed when I meet 5 other ladies who also signed up, it wasn’t intended to be a women’s only course but maybe men already know all about weight training ?!

Rory has been fantastic in demonstrating, explaining, observing  and encouraging us all. We started with mobility, stretches and plyometric moves, setting up the rack and bars, gym etiquette and equipment.

We covered the main three lifts – Squat Bench Deadlift – ensuring good technique, positioning of feet and hands, placement in the rack and the bench. Also looking out for each other and spotting for others.

Starting weights week 1: baby steps, we all have to start somewhere……

Squat 30kg
Bench 20kg bar only
Deadlift 30kg

As well as building physical strength these are as much about the mind and body together. Push to goals, keep form and technique, be brave, focus on the moment and breathing technique – keep the body tight, breath in and build pressure, release. Know when to spring and when to go slow and above all keep control.

I don’t have a favourite yet but Bench is requiring most focus on form to get it right so far. Adding lunges and squats to other activities and part of my daily routine is becoming more normal – but my legs are enjoying rest days. Bar rows, kettlebells and dumbbells all being covered in the classes so plenty of variety.

I have taken on this new challenge to help compliment my ironman training all of which are interlinked including eating, sleeping and stress to help me be the best version of me I can in this aging wheezy body!

Work has settled down and I have an interesting role and well balanced work life with regular  hours and minimal commuting. Sleep is my super power as I get on average 8.5 hours a night over the week. Food – I eat well, clean and fresh but still need to get the portion control sorted !

The coming weeks of the course will introduce us to programs we can then take away to follow and build on. Homework has been looking at 5×5 and #SquatUniversity for inspiration and examples.

All nerves are gone and I look forward to each weekly class and until I get my program I’m practising deadlifts with my weekly shopping bags! Adding squats and lunges into each day – coffee squats. No not worried about bulking up but looking forward to some body changes.

Looking forward to getting stronger, following a programme and love learning new skills. As the weeks go on and I hit new milestones / weights I will record and blog.

#squat #bench #deadlift #lunges #hipthruster #plyometrics #strengthtraining #stronger



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