Happy New Year …. T-30

After a busy Christmas New year holiday where we covered three counties – Wiltshire, Dorset & Somerset visiting family and friends. Swim Bike and Run training was minimal.

However I did manage to complete 20 minutes of BodyCoach #7daysofsweat over 9 days of holiday which kept some strength and mobility going as I munched my way through numerous buffets and dinners, kilo’s of cheese, quaffed gallons of mulled wine while laughing, chatting and relaxing and generally enjoyed the time off and running with Jango.

The first two weeks of the year taking me to 30 weeks to race week were about signing up, showing up and setting up the routine until end of February:

  • Mondays – rest/recovery/easy day
  • Tuesday – Wattbike power hour
  • Wednesday – Get wet and swim
  • Thursday – Run to the max – HR, Hills, intervals
  • Friday – Strength training – 6 week course
  • Saturday/Sunday – long slow endurance run & ride

Try something new in 2020 – for me I am starting with a 6 week Strength & Conditioning course for beginners  at local gym. A group of six ladies (men know it all) week 1 was an introduction to lifts – Squat, deadlift, Bench press. We covered safety, form, technique, positioning hands & feet, breathing, mobility and practised on racks, dumbbells and barbells. Next week we will be lead through a group programme focusing on technique.

Its got me into a new area of the gym that I’ve never been before and taught me new techniques and moves.

The New Year rush has seen the Wattbike app collapse under the pressure and STRAVA become sluggish with all the new gadgets, resolutions trying to upload, it’s still not syncing and we are half way through the month.



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