2020 Let’s Go – Swim Bike Run Fun

The Christmas decorations are packed away for another year, we are down to our last 5kg of cheese, all beer has gone and just one remaining bottle of red wine for a ‘rainy’ day. We completed our three counties tour and had a busy holiday with only one day at home.

ironman Copenhagen has changed its name to ironman Denmark.

My 2020 training plan is drafted out with training events and courses logged in Training Peaks. Looking to go green, but as I am self-coaching, I need to have discipline not to delete a session I miss that’s gone red!

No major resolutions for me just Swim-Bike-Run focused for ironman, but want to carry on with daily mobility – targeting 20minutes session a day, this can be walk, stretch, roller or HITT. Good nutrition and coffee a given. Plus blog progress twice a month.

Copenhagen T-32 / first week of the new year, easing back to work for a 2-day week, normality in meals – less random all you can eat buffets that I have zero will resistance to, return to the gym where I got an unexpected 1:2:1 PT session as the only one back this week and signed up for some new gym classes and courses to keep me accountable and have a structure to the training week.

Last semi structured week so enjoyed a muddy run with Jango where we got lost a mile or so from home after following public footpath sign, three fields and two stiles later and we had slipped and fell in ankle deep mud numerous times and all signs had vanished. Tried to to retrace our steps to get back to a familiar footpath and a 4-mile run became 6.5miles by the time I made it home looking like  Tough Mudder entrant. Luckily I had trail shoes on and still had the two Cockers to walk so went up the lane and stepped into the over flowing pond using it as an ice bath and shoe cleaner – advantages of country life.

After sleeping in and missing the New Year’s Day group ride, I caught up with B for a social coffee ride to spin our legs out as we both had hilly muddy Saturday runs. Found a new pub/café in Sherston with a roaring fire, fresh coffee and lovely dogs to pet!

Copenhagen T-31 ………establishing routine W/C 6th January

Copenhagen T-30………time to get serious

New Year’s Day ride 2020

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