Killer Hills

Week 7 was a good solid week of training for me, 60 hours, most yet in 9:30 hours from 9 activities.

Monday –
am Turbo session watching An Idiot Abroad DVD, India episode, this series is hilarious.
pm Masters – more speed less chat this evening, even bumped up a lane of which it emerged I was fastest in, may go up again as this is my main swim session each week.

Hilarious DVD helps turbo sessions pass

Tuesday –
Spinning class – enough sweat created to fill a small child’s paddling pool, especially off effort from run after the spin bike was collected. 20k/3k brick.

Nearly full paddling pool of sweat !

Wednesday –
am Mile swim , which I thought was easy but felt it later in run
pm Run club 5 mite efforts x4, felt tired after swim

Thursday –
am Too nice to turbo. At long bloody last managed to get out on my carbon beauty and rode for an hour on real rural roads, sweeping through the countryside in glorious winter sunshine. Dry roads, cool temps, sunny just what I’ve been waiting for ages ! A nice easy ride to blow house dust off bike.
Felt felt good, even if I’ve got tyres dirty 🙂
pm Circuits, core and arm strength training focus

Friday –
Hill reps up Sandpit lane. x8 with Vic. Faded on last two reps, maybe due to bike/circuits day before ? Will try x10 next week. Hate them but know they are good for me and love to finish the set.

Saturday –
2012 Gamesmaker Orientation training at Wembley. Our hosts were John Inverdale, BBC sports commentator and Tani Grey-Thompson our most successful track para-athlete. Plus plenty of gold medalist, Eddie Izzard, videos and entertainment. Very informative, professional and the audience of 5,000 were captivated throughout. Roll on London 2012. I still don’t know what location I’ll be volunteering at, also apart from shoes and trousers not sure what parts of the uniform you’d wear outside of your working shifts !! Purple and poppy an interesting colour choice.

Great view from D83 Wembley Arena

Sunday –
am Marshalling for Smartt Smasher 10k, the running clubs annual race. Deployed to 500m mark by a hedge !
pm The coldest toughest half marathon distance I’ve ever run including the big one – Charlcutt Hill, this is a killer, hard enough to walk up , running is nay on impossible. Crampons and oxygen more appropriate running accessories than gels and sense of humour. But we did the 13 miles, reflected over a cup of recovery tea and cake and will be back out there next weekend for 14 miles, maybe no hills !

Just look at that half mile elevation rise

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