Easter holidays- zoo, spa, rides, runs, coffee, Diversity Dance crew

Even though I am not officially tied to the school holidays it feels like I have enjoyed the benefits of them and made the most of them in different ways.

Coffee kept me warm throughout zoo, cycle ride and Diversity

First off I took found three kids to take to London Zoo, I really wanted to see the penguins but thought I’d look odd going alone. Not been there since 1976 as a young girl. The penguins now have a nice new beach enclosure but the zoo very much laid out as I remembered as a kid. 76 was a scorcher of a summer, not quite warm enough for ice creams this time. Autumn, Izzie & George all enjoyed the endless junk food and gifts they were allowed – Aunty benefits, anything goes on my days out !

Just in time for feeding and keeper talk

Easter weekend was cracker of a training weekend – first our best ever run, 10 miles in the spring sunshine with Karen. We stopped to say ahh to the lambs, calves, admire the daffodils, tree blossoms and the fields turning green and yellow for spring. Hayfever starting to kick in was the only down side. Loved this run. With the forecast looking wet for Monday I hopped on my bike and headed to the Cotswolds water park to collect my lake membership. Now I knew Dave’s food van would be open so my sights were firmly fixed on the bacon butty and coffee when I got there. Roads very quiet so managed 90% time on aeros, but shoulders ached at end after being hunched in saddle for 45 miles. Well the forecast was right Monday was  a washout but I managed a TRIPLE run day ! First 3 miles with Claire for 5k training, then 4 miles with Karen as an easy Marathon run and finally in the worst often weather (hail, rain, freezing wind) 1.5 miles with Emma also 5k training.

Spring Lambs, so curious & cute

Went to NEC Birmingham to see Diversity dance show – it was amazing, wow those boys can dance. Great entertainment, music, dance, gymnastics and great visual effects and awesome production, they dazzled 🙂

Then a nice relaxing spa day – shoulders appreciated it and I warmed through from Mondays runs. Longleat Aqua Sana spa – bliss.

Relax, chill, eat, sleep relax , massage, mmmmh nice.

Tough club session on Wednesday club night and ‘alone’ as training mates couldn’t make it. So 10 times 1 minute followed by a timed mile at 10k pace for me – 9 minutes. Left at the back again 😦 But Jo kept me company as she ran at her marathon pace.

Took advantage of sunshine on Friday and rode north Wiltshire villages. Same route as a few weeks ago but this time on my carbon Felt and alone, 6 miles longer as different start point but 15 minutes quicker 🙂
Very rough roads due too poor road surfaces and compacted mud and cow shit. Had to stop for two herds of cows crossing the lanes – don’t get that in the towns & cities ! So less time on the aeros maybe 75% today – still got a bit of neck ache but maybe more due to surface & weights in circuits last night.
High 5 gels and isotonic drink used and all OK, these will be available on course at Cotswold so started using in training rides/runs.

Games maker training – role specific, Event Services, Team Leader at Hackney Collage London. Getting more detailed and intense, this is 3 of 5 training sessions for me completed now. This one also gave us a City & Guilds certificate in Security and safety level 2 for sporting events.

I'll be at the Royal Artillary Barracks for shooting events.

Week commencing 2nd April = total mile 77, highest yet this year

Week commencing 9th April = 55 miles, easy week with spa day, Gamesmaker training and shopping with Mike ( more stress than sport).


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