Janathon day 20 Snowy Trail 10 miler

Today LSD run was definitely slow due to the snow & ice underfoot. Headed for the cycle path which has a bit of everything – fluffy snow drifts, compact snow, sheet ice, crunchy frozen mud, slushy mud and water. Trail shoes required ran with Pat, Joe, Sharon.

Tough going in the cold temps and this 10 miler was tough. Still drank my Camelbak dry. Home for a nice cuppa, fried egg sandwich and bubble bath.

Mike good enough to drop up off and collect us in 4×4 as local side roads and bypass were not safe to run on.

Feel better now warm, fed and with a cuppa in hand but tired legs, that 10 must have been more like 12+ on road in terms of effort, but again all good endurance training for marathon.

Whenever I do get to do a LSD road run it should feel easy ?! Can’t remember last road run I did weather has forced me inside onto treadmill or outside in trail shoes.

2 hours of running in snow and sub zero temps. A bit below planned LSD pace but in these conditions what can you do, at least we got out and ran. Only missed less than a mile from my weekly marathon training plan.Image


    • Adidas Kandia 4 trail shoes. Loads of grip, very comfy & can be washed & scrubbed under garden tap to get rid of mud & chalk easily.
      Great in snow too 🙂

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