Wobbly Week for ironman training

This was my first big wobble in my training where the training plan went completely out the window and blown away as far as the Wiltshire winds would take it. my training mojo seemed to have deserted me.

I under estimated the battering my legs took from pounding on the Silverstone race circuit having just run a maximum of 90 minutes on roads within the last 6 months my legs were just not used to the repetitive pounding. Most of my runs have been trail, treadmill or short intervals/farlek along the bypass.

A massage was booked and a made enemies with my foam roller again, but ultimately it was rest  that was best for these chunky old legs. I had no injuries which was good and pleased my base fitness was there. I just had a bad case of DOMS that hung around for a few days longer than I would have liked.

I returned my Garmin 910XT for a repair as the screen had gone blank, great customer service as I got a replacement back within 4 days, but that was a poor excuse for no activities !

The back end of the week improved my mood and saw some activities and alternative training – cycling in sunshine, running with my dog, Ladies clay shooting day and brain training for blogging.

My WANTED ! posted worked, dry roads, blue skies and sunshine all came together on Thursday so I just had to get out on my Felt race bike for a long ride. Aaaahh speed, now I remember what that feels like, instantly I was cruising along at least 4 miles an hour faster  than I have been on my winter bike. But then the gusty gales blew across me for a reality check, but still kept the pace higher than recent months riding. There were spring lambs bouncing in the fields, daffodils lining the roads and a huge number of new potholes, cracks and dislodged drains also showed up on the now dry roads. A good ride out on the flat to South Cerney to collect my lake membership cards and see the improvements being made on site at Waterlands Outdoors – lake 32. Good saddle time on race bike.

Crufts 2014 🙂 Megan & I were asked to join the Wiltshire Cannie Cross relay team, we had to be by the lake at NEC, Birmingham for a practise and familiarisation at 10am where we meet a 100 dogs and owners of all breeds, shapes and sizes. The majority of runners & dogs that do Cannie Cross or trail running with dogs are for fun and fitness but there were a few serious ones there which turned out to be ringers as they didn’t know their dogs names !!

We got in out teams and paired up with opponents it seemed like bedlam but tails wagging, lots of excited barking and smiling runners enjoyed the sunshine. I was covered in mud before we even started as Megan kept jumping into my arms for soppy spaniel cuddles it’s a springer thing. Up and back we ran until Megan decided to try and catch hold of a lane cone to carry back, in doing so she ran across me and paused allowing my to tip over her and roll along the grassy course. Back on my feet we ran to the finish line apologising to my team mates as we were in the lead at that point. Don’t worry at least it happened in the practise not in the main arena under the spot light and cameras.

Spaniel cuddles at practise
Spaniel cuddles at practise

We then had a couple of hours to wander around the show, Megan munched her way round, grazing on fish skins, biscuits, pigs ears and any treats on offer, then one moment of panic 15 minutes before showtime as I lost one of my access passes so had a mad dash around three organisers offices to get a replacement and then they never even asked to see it to enter the collection ring at the arena.

Wiltshire Cannie Cross team in the main arena at Cruft 2014

All teams assembled behind the arena in the collecting area and the noise level was through the roof from 100 excited dogs barking their heads off. Then were got our moment in the spotlight we entered the arena, bright lights, cameras and audience clapping and a commentator on the PA presenting each team as we ran in. A great experience to be in the Crufts main ring. A first proud moment for one of our dogs 🙂 All teams got to run around the arena three times to show off the concept of running with dogs and the equipment and the fact that any dog or person can have a go.

Wiltshire Cannie Cross team Cruft 2014

After the demonstration it was competition time. A baton relay race in a knock out format. Wiltshire team didn’t last too many rounds but we had fun and no mishaps in the main arena. A Midlands team won but this was more about a demonstration of running with dogs and showing off the fitness and fun elements. Team photos taken then back for a wander around the show which is huge. All the pedigree dogs being preened, polished and pampered to the max, more hairspray than a West End dressing room. Whatever you wanted or didn’t want for your dog was available. Megan had a massage which she seemed to enjoy and complimented on the strength of her pecs, glutes and hamstrings.

For the second time in two days I was representing Wiltshire, this time Cotswold & Wiltshire Lady Guns. This was a ladies clayshooting day organised by The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club held at Ladys Wood, Shooting School, Gloucester. The Gun & Bun combination was just up my street 🙂  Managing to not run over the peacock on the entrance drive 36 ladies met up for coffee and biscuits at Ladys Wood, we were split in  to groups or beginner, improver and experienced. The C&W ladies put ourselves in experienced then though we were being too bold but went along with the seeding. Most of us were with Chris who took us around 6 stands where we shot 6 on each that scored plus got a few extra different traps. Walking  throughout the woods meant that the clay shoot felt more like game shooting as there are no cages to shoot from within. You need a guide or coach to take you around and we could see why as the stands and traps were well hidden and off the main paths. It was a very natural environment and beautiful in the spring sunshine, traps included rabbits, woodcock, springing teal, crossing partridge, flying high pheasants and dropping pigeons which were all very good simulations of the real featured variety.

Chelsea Bun Club 3

Back to the lodge for gallons of tea & mountains of cake & bakes of all varieties. A real baking banquet awaited us and after walking around with our shotguns for a few hours we were very happy to dive in and indulge. Shotguns, cakes, tea, chatter 36 ladies for company in great surrounds whats not to like 🙂

Plus two bonus and surprised bonuses, C&W ladies took 2 of the 4 prizes for the day 🙂
Vicky for her tear & share ham & cheese bread and I got Top Gun  !

Action shot from the day
Action shot from the day
Top Gun ;-) Calendar & rosette prizes
Top Gun 😉 Calendar & rosette prizes
C&W ladies took 2 of the 4 prizes for the day 🙂 Best Bake & Top Gun

I was at a Write This Run Blogging workshop on Sunday and again a beautiful sunny day and as I drove past Kew gardens I was very envious of the runners & cyclists enjoy the springtime weather, maybe my training mojo was fighting back but it’d have to wait another day as it was brain training time. Again an all ladies event with 6 bloggers ready for advice, improvement, comments and review of our blogs. This was useful for me from a personal and work perspective and great workshop.

Watch this space as this blog is about to have a face lift ! More triathlon related and more personal in design. After writing this post that’s my next task post workshop.

P.S. Monday – Training mojo is back, I have completed 20 minutes of core exercises and been back in the pool – back on plan. last weeks wobble has been put behind me.




  1. My dog-running is limited to part of a parkrun with two dogs, one of which was keen as mustard and the other of which was not. My arms stretched about four inches!

    Great to meet you at Write This Run, and I love the new look 🙂

    • Thanks I’m happier with personalised design & updates.
      I find one dog enough to concentrate on especially for those instant stop & sniff moments which allow me to trip over said dog.
      WTR has been a great help in developing blog & meeting people too. Happy running & blogging. Good luck with the ultras

    • I run on the local trails with Megan and we both love it, muddier the better ! Grab a dog and go an run – with owners permission if not your dog !

  2. Glad the mojoj is back I find having some regular key sessions early in the week helps me but it does sound like your body needed the recovery time after the half marathon and it is best to listen to it. Hopefully the weather will stay nice and you can get out on the bike.

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