LIONHEART 100k potted race report

LIONHEART 100km sportive done 🙂 Hills, Headwinds, hail & Hotpot sum up my first sportive.
Classification Bronze, not sure on actual finish time as I was going up some hills so slowly the Garmin went to sleep mode !
A real pleasure starting at the front with Wiltshire Police, but it didn’t last long until I was swamped.
Met up with a number of Chippenham and District Wheelers at food stations which were like banquets, Sunday lunch on the roll. Even wine tasting in Mere !
Useful items in goody bag – Buff, waterproof phone holder, medal, t-shirt, gel and the finish hotpot & tea were scoffed gratefully at the finish 🙂
The road was white at one point due to the hailstones and I lost feeling in my thumbs for a while. Full winter riding gear required today. Visibility was reduced but the sting from the stones too much to take glasses off.
The new FORME bike held up well, not even a touch of saddle sore and considering I’ve only ridden it for an hour before today I was well chuffed with its performance. The only hoc up was the computer magnet clipping the sensor, but soon sorted.
Great race LIONHEART OFFICIAL thank you, I will be back to beat those hills next time !



  1. Well done just remember the elevation on this is more than 20% higher than Ironman UK and the results show almost everyone who finishes the bike goes on to finish. So it is early yet and your bike endurance/fitness will improve over next 2 months. Excellent starting point.

  2. After ironman I think I’ll concentrate on cycling as can see I’ll get more progress than my running and even though tough I loved the ride yesterday.

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