gallery Ride the Night -Womens Cancer London RTN2017

Womens Cancer Ride the Night charity ride into and through central London from Windsor Race Course with fireworks send off.

Official ride 65miles we completed 70+miles from our overnight stay

Started in sunshine at registration with ice creams and smiles. 

Rolled over the finish line at 3am still smiling and just made it ‘home’ to enjoy sunrise and a cuppa tea & stretches 

London Eye was illuminated pink to mark our ride. Buckingham Palace wa the best feed station location ! Enjoyed cheese rolls, flapjack, coffee, bananas, water and crisps – just like a Queens  garden party 🎉 

The weather was kind to us starting in 22c then around 2am dropped to 12c with a morning mist pre dawn.

Mostly flat route just two climbs, mainly rode alongside the river Thames crossing it on different bridges. Ride time was increased due to 100’s traffic lights that never seemed to go in out favour ! 

Great marshals, support from the public and the police on route. 

Not everyday you ride around in the dark in a tutu and fairy lights but I recommend it, grab some friends, sign up and enjoy the ride.


  1. […] Ride the Night is a fantastically well organised ride that sees 3,000 women dressed in pink tutus, fairly lights and fancy dress ride into central London. We even had a midnight feast at one of the feed stations next to Buckingham Palace. Staying at a friends we rode 70 miles finishing at 3am. Amazing sight seeing tour of central London and the London Eye illuminated pink for us. […]

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