It only takes one idiot to ruin a ride

My ride Saturday was ruined which in turn I allowed it ruined my weekend.

Road rage is just not acceptable especially when directed at a lone female cyclist.

This is another reason why I race ironman on closed roads to keep the idiots away from cyclists.

Be safe out there.

What started with such excitement became a ruined ride by a Twat in a white van who cut me up on a roundabout, then blocked me off to hurl abuse.

He forgets he has a registration number of which I have a picture.

The thunder showers and wind I could cope with, but he reduced me to tears with his abuse, as I sheltered under trees calling home and my sister, where I saw him drive past again- was he looking for me as he saw I took his picture ? I was scared.

Three soakings & shelter – petrol station, trees & bus stop, one road rage incident and I never made it to my sisters.

Also Garmin touring sent me 8 miles along canal tow path as last update switched avoid unpaved roads off – my carbon beauty wasn’t made for gravel tracks and had never been so dirty.

Sheltered in petrol station, under trees and in bus stop for the worst of the rain ☔️

Shite ride – but home safe, showered and had a sleep. Tomorrow is another day.


    • Road rage not acceptable for any cyclist – just as a solo female rider I was very scared when the driver and his passengers had a go at me – being out numbered 3 to 1 isn’t good whatever

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