Road Rage victim & Reading Half marathon

Aagghh some people. On friday I was a victim of running rage. Running along the local country lanes of Wiltshire I was just completing 5 mile run enjoying the sunshine and a good tempo pace.

A car zoomed up behind me and tooted me, I stepped onto the grass verge but the car pulled over adjacent to me to complain I was running in the lane and she couldn’t go round me as worried about potholes.

She said I should lose weight and if wasn’t so fat I wouldn’t take up so much road !!! I was lost for words, but also noting that she had young children in the car remained polite and speechless.

She sped off and I raised my phone to take a photo but wasn’t quick enough, the driver braked and I though Oh shit she’s going to reverse and run me over. I hope she’s thinking Oh shit the runner has my number plate and car as evidence. I really hope she’s sweating and feeling guilty and stupid. Plus in future she slows down on country lanes and even if she’s had a bad day doesn’t take it out on strangers.

This is how a great run was ruined in 30 seconds.

Later I saw a sign which maybe I should wear in future when running in the lanes ! Easier than losing more weight so the driver can get around me !


7am Sunday morning and I had a full car of 5 runners heading off for Reading half marathon. Twenty minutes into the journey on the M4 we were in a whiteout. Sow covered two of the three motorway lanes. The car temp was reading 0c and the snow continued to fall as we slowed down. The other girls glad we were in our 4×4 and could continue.

We wondered or was that hoped that the race may be cancelled ? As we pulled of the M4 at Reading the snow changed to sleet then rain and the white carpet became a lake around us.

Sitting in the car for as long as possible as we finished off our porridge pots we then braved the icy temps and headed to the race village. Joined the loo queues, the dropped off baggage, wrapped ourselves in bin bags, re joined the loo queues then headed to the starting pens – all this time it was still pouring.

As Vic’s knee had been bad and she’d not run more than 3 miles she’s asked to run with me as I was planning on running at my marathon pace of 10min miling which was well within her comfort zone.

Despite the rain soaked streets and constant downpour not allowing temps to rise above 1c there were hundreds of supporters along the route.


I particularly liked the pub at the bottom of the hill at mile 7, thank you for the beer ! It helped me up the hill 😉

We had water pouches which once I knew how to use them were easy to carry and drink from. Although I could have run with my mouth open and drunk enough. By mile 2 I had two soggy socks and reached saturation point – I couldn’t get any wetter, so just splashed away the miles. Perfect weather for ducks that day !

Coming into the Majeski stadium I saw that I had 40 seconds to be within my target time – spot on 🙂 I crossed the line 2:09:39 so managed my 10 minute mile pacing to perfection.

The cold was the hardest factor for me on the day and my legs still ached two days later from frozen muscles. This run was 3 minutes slower than my 2011 run, the rain & cold certainly took their toll.

Stopping at the services on the M4 heading home I was shaking uncontrollably with cold even though I had six fresh dry layers of clothes on and dry socks & shoes. Coffee helped.


Ooohhh Monday 😦 dead legs so it was time for the dreaded foam roller. The pain eased as the three sessions throughout the day progressed. DOMS had arrived with a vengeance.

Aaaahhh Tuesday :-/ went for our usual 5 mile run around the lanes and both Pat & were taking scenic stops = leg breaks. But as it was my birthday I wanted to get out and run a little.

I have now managed two country lane runs since the road rage incident without upsetting ny motorists, causing a road block or being abused by strangers.

Spring is in the air 🙂 Sunnshine & a nice run powering up the hills as I’d miss club this evening.
Wednesday 20th March officially the first day of UK spring.

One more long run this weekend then 4 weeks to the big one – London Marathon.



  1. I can’t believe how offensive that motorist was. Like to see her cover the same distance!

    Well done on sticking to your race pace for the 1/2M. Even more impressive considering the weather.

    Good luck for VLM

    • Cheers.

      My friends are outraged at her comments. We did have a Pugh on route in Reading as passed a Weight weathers building, Vic said she’d wait if I popped in, said I was too fat to fit through the doors, so we laughed and carried on.

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