Frozen muscles & Foam Roller pain

I really think that I suffered frozen muscles or frost nip during the Reading Half marathon. While I did all the right things post finish – foil blanket, recovery drink, water, dry clothes, dry socks & shoes, warm car, coffee, food, compression clothing ( socks & Skins tights), warm bath and a hot meal.

I suffered for days after the race. Why ? It was only a half marathon, I ran at 10 min mile pace so no PB, it was a flatish course, Because – it was so bloomin cold and wet from start to finish. In fact we had to drive for an hour through snow to get to the start.

From Monday I forced myself to use the foam roller – ouch ! My calves, hamstrings and glutes seemed fine but my thunder thighs that had been driving me along into the icy sleet were protesting and screaming in agony under the foam roller.

Tuesday was my birthday and I had arrange to get back out on the trails with Pat. However due to the atrocious weather over the weekend Pat ran 10 miles on Monday and my thighs were still protesting so we had a 5 mile bumble around the country lanes. We were both stopping to admire the views, curse at the hills and silently scream under our misty breath as we took shelter from the evil icy wind. Temps had dropped further and with wind chill so we were at minus 5c. I couldn’t face the foam roller today so took to drink to relax my muscles and act as a pain killer when I went out for dinner with family.

Wednesday double whammy – foam roller and a 5 miler that I made into a tempo/hill blast interval session. Three major hills were hit full on, rest at the top then tempo pace on flat to next hill. I reckoned my legs were going to ache whatever I did or didn’t do, but with the marathon looming I decided I should at least get some miles in.

Thursday I sat on trains and in the House of Commons for meetings on Carbon Monoxide and camping. With the current sub zero temps its hard to think that we may have a summer and people will go out and enjoy the summer sun, assuming it arrives this year.

Fridays effort was a token gesture of 4km in the gym on the treadmill and a stretch and foam roller session on the mats. Its just too bloody cold !!! Also need to prep myself up and save my legs as Saturday would be my peak training run of 22 miles.


Saturday – 30 days to go to London marathon and the PeakRun. In fact it was all OK. Set off with Caroline, Pat & Joe from Lynham, got a soggy sock at mile 1 as I miss calculated a pothole for a puddle, then we had a half mile detour through woods and fields as the  road was flooded. Met Tracy G on route having already completed 13 miles – I was dead jealous of her as we only had 3 miles on the Garmins.

Tracy and Pat peeled off when Tracy had her 22 miles bagged and called hubby for a lift home. Tracy T then joined us on route, amazing how a plan comes together !  Stop at Talbot for water bottle refills and Tracy and Joe peeled off and headed home for warmth and wine.

Caroline and I still had 5 miles to go, head down into wind, keep moving, conversation dwindling as the temps also nosedived into sub zero numbers. I developed a stitch at mile 19  and in trying to stretch it out to relieve it I actually pulled a muscle in my side – ouch !

Yet we finish 22.16 miles, all done, legs generally OK but tired, we were wet and cold again but that was the big one finished, now taper time 🙂

Sunday was recovery and watching the Malaysian F1 – don’t get me started on team orders thats for another blog/rant/discussion/sports day !! Full lamb roast dinner with family and TV. Also trying not to laug or cough as muscle in side was tender !

Monday morning massage  was painful to say the least. But good news no serious damage done and most likely it was the cold getting into my muscles last week that did the damage and caused the aches and pains. I managed to keep off the ibuprofen using a hot ginger muscle rub along with the foam roller and was told that they would have helped even if painful at the time.

So into week 13 of marathon training, 4 training  weeks to go. And generally all looking good for a PB at London – but who knows what will happen on the day ??

Reasons to be cheerful 1,2,3  🙂

  1. I found a pair of Skins compression tights that I misplaced about 6 weeks ago so I can wear a pair to run in and have a pair for recovery. They had got caught behind and in in-between drawers, I’d turned the house upside down looking for them for weeks.
  2. I got a double yoker egg from our chickens.
  3. My lovely old lady Tilly is recovering well from her stroke and running around like a spring lamb.

IMG_2106 IMG_2107



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