Have you ever had a pair of running shoes that made you smile ?

I have 🙂 and sadly I had to retire them today. They have given me 20 months of service with a smile as we shared over 450 miles up and over hills, through streams and flood plains, crouched across snow, raced in a couple of 24 hour relay events, ploughed around Swindon Parkrun, skipped through forests in Scotland, be with me for some of my best runs with my dog Megan.

Those orange lugs made me smile for many a mile
Those orange lugs made me smile for many a mile
Running in Wiltshire with Megan

As I laced up my trusty sure footed Adidas trail shoes they felt a bit breezy down the sides. On closer inspection they had two splits in each shoe and the soles were both starting to peel off.
We headed out making up the route as we went along up and round the chalk white horse of Cherhill. The sole started flapping and mud flushed in and out of the splits. Good job it wasn’t a freezing cold day.
By the end of the run I’m sure it was just the mud holding the shoes together.

So the orange & electric blue dragon feet have gone to the dustbin and I’ve just purchased a boring black pair of next years model of Adidas Kanadia trail 5. I like the grip and comfort they provide and confidence off road as well as cruising on tarmac as necessary.

Mind you they’ll be covered in chalk, mud & muck in no time so could be any colour ! Plus as you can see from the photos my trail shoes are usually buried below snow, mud, grass or leaves.

So goodbye Kanadia trail 4 you orange and blue beauties, the all blacks will be taking over from this week.

Buried in the snow

In action at Avebury 8 race

In action at Avebury 8 race


Final run & retirement today.
Final run & retirement today.



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