IMUK less than 50 days

It’s the final fifty countdown, how did that come around so quickly ? Remember when I posted 250 days to go, felt like yesterday.

Am I any fitter in the last 200 days ? Am I ready for 70.3 in a fortnight let alone the Big one in Bolton ? Am I mad doing all this ? More questions than hours of training.

Screenshot 2014-06-02 11.37.06

Topped 200 miles last week in training thanks to my Bank Holiday Monday big brick and Sundays Sportive. Don’t think I’ll many more big weeks like this but who knows what coach Neil has planned !

Especially after my big block last weekend I seem to be training tired. I’m taking all my rest days as in the plan and do feel refreshed having had an easier week even if bookend’ed with 108 miles and a sportive, I backed right off mid week.

I did the Pied Piper Sportive on Sunday from Gloucester rugby club it was quite hilly, but glorious sunshine in Gloucestershire. Nice ride through Forest of Dean but too many main roads for my liking. Last few miles on cycle path a bit fiddly as overgrown marrow & muddy which saw quite a lot of riders come a cropper. Lots of traffic lights, road works & a swing bridge also gave too many stop start moments. Made up for with great organisation, pasta, cakes & coffee at end. Plus I enjoyed a good quality back and leg massage with a donation to Pied Piper charity.

That’s the end of my easier week, now back at it and building up mileage again next week with a loop of IMUK bike course after a rest day on Monday of course.

I have a guide this time to show me around the new IMUK course as I went hopelessly wrong last time by ignoring my Garmin’s instructions beeping out at me. Thanks Sam for the assistance, see you tomorrow.

The wetsuit repair has held up in Saturdays test swim but I still feel the suit is positioning me too high in the water and so kicking is not happening, I know most triathletes are lazy lickers and I’m no exception  but I still feel there is a bit too much  resistance and fight from the suit although it does fit better than the one I swopped it for. I have had some great feedback and help on Facebook and RW forum on wetsuits that would suit ( no pun) me better. So I have arrange to try before I buy a few models which hopefully will arrive this week so I can get a wet test done.

Work is dragging me around the country this week so this is a short post as I will be juggling work & training and need to sort a few things out before I head north.

Happy training all.

The final 50 countdown...
The final 50 countdown…



      • I am sure you will feel better once you have Wimbleball under your belt (you are doing it aren’t you or have I imagined that?). Having just done a half I am more excited about IMUK. Less excited about the volume of training in the next four week though 🙂

      • Yes I’m doing Wimbleball, will only be my second triathlon this year, IMUK will be my 3rd for the year. Still plenty of miles training to go but getting uncomfortably closer !

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