Let Battle Commence

Here is a quote taken from my coach which I’ve borrowed to change my mind set for tackling 70.3’s / middle distance triathlons next year:

Training for the Roman Legions was described by the second century historian Josephus as so thorough that ‘their exercises were bloodless battles and their battles bloody exercises’. Whilst the majority of athletes will not have heard of Josephus I think in training you can aspire to the same results. Training for a big event can be like training for war and by training appropriately and specifically the advantages you give yourself over your opposition (enemy) are manifold.

Screenshot 2014-10-03 12.36.58

So let Battle commence…………………..

However in reality I have to say that after ten intense months of training and racing Wimbleball 70.3 and ironman UK I am finding it tough to get back into training.

OK I sustained two cracked ribs in the IMUK swim ( now that was a battle in itself) and recently diagnosed that I also got some muscle damage probably a tear or split of the muscle where kicked. Whilst the ribs have healed the muscle damage takes a little long and possibly scar tissue there causing a few aches when I swim.

So for now I can run, but feels like I’m stuck in treacle, I’m enjoying the unusually warm & dry September & October for riding the country lanes and have substituted swimming with rowing.

Getting body and mind back into training and focused on 2015 is tough. I haven’t got into the enjoying the process / training phase yet which I relished during build up to ironman. Maybe May 2015 for my first triathlon race seems too far away at the moment ?

So how to I kick-start my battle plans ? Firstly the Go Sober in October is helping me look at my diet and health, I have an excess of 9 lb.’s that I’ve accumulated in the two and half months of limited activity since IMUK to shift. I’m back on the trails running with friends as I have entered a couple of local trail races. As well as substituting rowing for swimming I’m trying a spinning class instead of a solo turbo session. As soon as it cools down I will get my dogs back out running with me up the hills and across the fields. Shooting season start later this month so there will be lots of hill walking involved. Winter circuit training and group turbo session will also be starting so no excuses relating to darkness and cold nights.

Plenty to get on with just need some uummpphh and mojo.

My 2015 race /battle plan is in place now I just need to get on with it…. easier said than done 🙂

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