💯 days to ironman Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

It’s the final countdown…..

Decision still to be made, flip flopping daily, can I can’t I get my fitness to a level to tackle the Dragon 🐉

100 days – everyone to count, swim, bike, run, rest.

Coming up in over the coming three weekends – Dragon ride 90 miles of Welsh Hills, Lakesman Half middle distance triathlon then a Solstice century ride weekend after.

LCW Tenby will still be my decision time and just inside ironman deferral deadline date.

Work has been time consuming with late evenings & crisis catch up analysis done over the weekend. It’s a balancing act work, train & life as every age grouper knows.

The ironman advent calendar 📆 begins……99

On a plus side the weather is improving we have hot dry days which suit me well.

Annoyingly this Monday morning my train to work has been cancelled. When they say your next expected train is …. it doesn’t fill me with confidence that will actually turn up either. Due to staff being late !

At least time for a quick blog 😀


  1. Aaah, a friend of mine is going to shout you across the finish line there at the Ironman. She’s the official announcer and you cannot help but be lured towards the Finish by her lovely Cork accent. Keep on training, it’s all good!

  2. I know you need to get the train to work, but could you use this to your advantage and cycle to a train stop further away before picking it up, to get some training in? Even if you didn’t do it everyday?

    • Only two stops on the train and next one at Bath is a pig to get to as in centre of city
      I’ve found a more local lake to get to after work for when I drive

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