2018 its a wrap

As my season came to a premature end due to wrist injury at Ironman Wales I did my 2018 reflections and review of the year back in October ! So on the eve of Christmas Eve this is a final wrap up of the last couple of months as we approach Christmas.

The wrist has healed about 90% but still weaker than before, it can be tender to knocks and the cold weather adds an ache.

Asthma has been its best since diagnosis and fully controlled with no major issues as I have gone into winter, just one chilly morning required a Buff for running making me look like a bandit. The new drugs are working well and seem to be keeping general colds and lurgies at bay too.

Shooting season is well underway although I have only managed one shoot and a charity clay day mainly due to new job. My contract in Bristol finished and I am now Digital Marketing Specialist for MSA Safety company which is closer to home in Devizes. Hopefully this will help training consistency in the new year as I can get home earlier and plan to ride in to the office when daylight allows.

Off season goals haven’t quite gone to plan !


The not so good :

  • Fitness is through the floor and I expect to be in single figures nevermind 45 by the new year when I log back into Training Peaks.
  • Major weight gain of around 10lb’s / 5kg
  • Number of swims in 2018 has remained as a grand total of  8 for the year
  • Not been outside on a road bike since Wales, bike has probably perished or rusted.

The good where there has been the odd glimpses of retaining my fitness:

  • Sunday runday with Jango a four mile loop with first 3 miles uphill, we have done this for 6 consecutive weeks and got a PB by four and a half minutes today 23rd December 🙂
  • Managed to drop into a couple of spin classes and had a few social Wattbike rides to keep the legs ticking over.

So it’s a Happy Christmas from me and all the best for 2019 to you all.


Finishing on a high with a Christmas 🎄 number one !

After six weeks we get a PB

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