Living and Learning – old dog new tricks

The 30 weeks to ironman Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 has just passed and I’m back into my Polarised training plan looking to get Training Peaks back in the green and my fitness levels up from rock bottom.

Last week was the first of two hard weeks which I had a close call and nearly puked in the pool as I pushed out 100m sprints as fast as possible. Really need to get my lost speed back !

I managed to push out higher power intervals on the Wattbike so that’s been reset for this week – ouch

Bad weather forced me into the dreadmill for interval training – controllable & max effort achieved.

On Friday I laid a laminate floor for a friend and it left me with the worst DOM’s I’ve had forever ! Must have done a thousand squats while the room was covered in planks. My quads & glutes were on fire the next day.

A couple of red’s on Training Peak this week. The dreaded DOM’s, course preparation and the basic need to get some food in the house took my time on Saturday so I missed my long ride. I also missed a steady swim session as I was out for the day at an interview in Bristol. Walking across the city with a mix of sun & showers I saw the vibrant side of Bristol waterfront. The job hunting continues with 45 jobs applied for in February, if I hear over skilled or over qualified once more  I’ll become a beachbum ! Or laying floors & fitness classes will be my income ?!

Personal development has also been part of my daily life – I’ve been reading to help get my mind in the right place for job hunting and tackling the ironman dragon 🐉

My current reading list includes:

– The Chimp Paradox, my Chimp has well and truly been put back in his box

– Chrissie Wellington – to the finish line, after seeing Chrissie at Wales when supporting last year I was inspired and encouraged to sign up for 2018 – Chrissie its all your fault !!

– How Bad do you Want it ? Matt Fitzgerald

Asthma update : Seems my lungs like the new  FOSTAIR pink inhaler, I have been religiously  taking it twice a day and during endurance activities and have only had to pull out the blue Ventolin reliever once within 3 months which was on a very chilly, gusty day during a 10 mile race whilst going up hill. Too much cold air hitting the lungs at once. However I did manage a PB on this course, my best in 7 years. Wiltshire 10 Miler in Melksham is a great local race with finishers gym bag filled with a local newspaper, chocolate frog, Random sweets , water and a gong of a medal.

This weekend I got my first fitness instructor qualification, I am now a PiYo Live instructor. A mixture of strength & flexibility classes inspired by pilates and yoga with some HITT power thrown in the mix – its sweaty, fun, toning and low impact.

The course was very interesting, informative and sweaty ! So I can now run classes or 1:2:1 sessions, just need to practice my timing to musicality but that will come. I have the moves, the music , the structure, coaching tips and plenty of enthusiasm and some willing volunteers to practise on.


In April I will also be starting my British Triathlon Level 1 coaching course in Harrogate. This will allow me lead rides/runs/ swims and help coach some of ByBrooks athletes especially those on the ironman Wales journey too.


Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks !


  1. Great stuff Stripey. Now is the time to capitalise on the free time you have whilst job hunting to get those sessions into the green. You WILL get a job soon, and you’ll suddenly have to fit it all in. Teaching new classes will give your fitness a huge boost too 👍🏼

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