Adapting to winter training

Late November and we have had it pretty good weather wise in Wiltshire. Apart from a foggy soggy sportive in October where I was hit by a car, I’ve been able to cycle without being dress liked the Michelin man and even running with just single layers albeit long sleeves & tights.

Until this last fortnight when last weekend Barney the gale blew in ripping the last leaves from the trees and branches came clattering down around us. Wheelie bins, fences, trampolines etc flew around gardens and streets. Then this weekend the icy cold front blanketed our shores and we experienced hard frost, sub zero temperatures and snow warnings.

Looked outside and saw two feet of snow

Its weekends like this that the gym membership comes into its own. Recently refurbished St Marys Sports Centre is perfect for turbo, treadmills and swim training. I often set the bike up in the middle of studio aircon on, stack of towels and a million water bottles and the sound system playing from my iPhone. Then I can spin and sweat for hours without the weather disrupting my training.


Then I discovered You Tube on the gym bikes so can follow various rides or turbo sessions on the screen. I managed to find a couple of rides we did in Mallorca – the lovely lighthouse and Sa Calobra where Sean, Anne & I had a few doubts and dark moments so threw our toys out the pram for Jon to pick up. I’m sure I spotted a few on the roadside in the video !

Familiar scenery & climbs make the time fly.

Nothing beats a trail run in the great outdoors and so Pat and I continue on our weekly fix of running up and over local mud & chalk hills. Shooting season has also started so carrying the 12 bore across fields, canals and up & down hills adds some alternative cross training. Plus daily dog walking in all weathers with Megan, Jango & Roxy not caring what the weather maybe doing.

Cherhill White Horse 

Another addition to winter training is a monthly trip to Bath University 50meter pool with Chippenham Tri. Only downside it makes my local pool feel very short !

Bath Uni 50m pool

This Sunday I did my first chilly zero temp race of the winter season.  A local grassroots 10k. Reminded me that whilst I warm up in the run the cold really does kill my legs and I have a bad case of frozen DOMS the next day. Good job I had flexible strength to try and thaw & stretch me out this morning.

No doubt I will be doing  more indoor training including seeing the pools, spinning my legs and the occasional visit to the dreadmill (for interval sessions). With pilates & circuits classes included not to neglect core strength training of course done in the warmth inside.
Never mind Christmas is coming, winter training has begun – 34 weeks to Outlaw 2016.

Spreading grit & winter cheer to all. Ho Ho Ho off to the gym I go..



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