I’m Now on Facebook

Swim, Sweat and Gears blog has a new platform, and has recently spread its wings and launched on Facebook


Over on Facebook you will see regular daily posts with news, entertainment, facts that follow my ironman journey to Wales.

Swim, Sweat and Gears blog will continue to my main ‘home’ with longer articles, race reports, photos and link together my digital footprint across social media.

Why the additional exposure ?

As some readers of the blog know I’m going to take on my biggest challenge yet – ironman Wales. So I really need to get serious about strength, flexibility & clean eating to compliment my triathlon training.

My triathlon training plan is sorted but I needed help with motivation and variety for strength & conditioning, that was doable at home, fun, low impact /cardio yet will give me the results I’m seeking.

I came across PiYo – mix of movements & flexibility from yoga & Pilates strength. I joined a challenge group where I get daily support, motivation, accountability, along with recipes/tips. Also attend a weekly PiYo Live class. I’ve found the support is amazing, no need to workout home alone to be become the best version of you. I know this won’t be easy, but I’ve made the decision to make the lifestyle changes to get me to my goals.

This is the start of my new life changing and fitness focus so I will be the strongest & fittest I can be to tame that Dragon in Wales next September. This triathlon challenge scares me, makes me realise your life doesn’t get better by chance, it need change.

I decided to take this one step further and became an online motivational coach where my job is to help you reach your own personal fitness goals. By customising and advising which fitness & nutrition programs are best for you to follow, provide support, I’ll keep you motivated and entertained as I monitor and mentor you. Do you want accountability on your goals ?

I will be running some Challenge groups which you can join me for additional support & sharing with like minded others. You really are not alone to meet your goals. I will give you advice that’s working for me with you.
Who wouldn’t want ‘chat’ with me everyday ? !

Fitness with friends is more fun and better together, if I inspire you then join me so we can be become our best selves together. With my asthma controlled, I have just started the next chapter of my new triathlon fitness & health journey. I want to be the best version of me as I come down that magic red carpet next September to finish ironman Wales triathlon.

I can’t wait to share even more of what I am planning that can help you to feel more confident, comfortable and happy with your own personal health, fitness, athletic or weight loss goals.

Are you ready to take that leap of faith, trust me and change your lifestyle too ?

For more information go to Challenges or Join Me page on the blog or complete the form below  –

What will my 2018 finishers picture look like ? My ironman/ fitness journey hasn’t happened overnight, now time kick it up another gear.
I’d love to share & help you through your own journey too.


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